Our Priority, Mission & Primary Objectives

EDC’s priority focus is on Private Sector Development particularly Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises development in the Informal and Formal Sectors (for both Rural and Urban areas).

EDC’s mission
is to assist in poverty eradication by ensuring that economic and social activities undertaken by the Business Sector in Tanzania are efficiently and successfully managed. This will be achieved by providing the private sector with result oriented management skills through training, counselling, consulting and other support services.

EDC’s Objectives

• To ensure planned and calculated growth in economic activities of the target group (small and medium entrepreneurs) so as to widen the contribution base to the economic growth of the country.

• To ensure that the business of the appropriators of our services, are developing from one stage to another and are able to sustain and survive competition.

• To enable the Private Sector in the Tanzanian economy to realize the contribution made by training, research and business counseling to their business success and demand continuous services from EDC.

• To enhance the capacity of Civil Society Organizations through training in advocacy and lobbying, monitoring & evaluation and business skills training.

• To increase the capacity of providing and maintaining quality standards of professional training, research, business counseling and other support services on a sustainable basis.