TRAINING: EDC offers different courses in Business Management (in English and Kiswahili) including:-

• BA (Business Awareness): For farmers/peasants, youth, women and fresh graduates from Higher Learning Institutions.

• SYOB (Start Your Own Business): For people who are intending or don’t know how to start a business.

• MYOB (Manage Your Own Business): For people who are having small or micro existing business.

• BMSW (Business Management Skills Workshop): For entrepreneurs who are managing medium and large business.

• FIB (Farming is Business): To institute mindset of farmers/peasants towards realization of farm commercialization.

• AMW (Advanced Marketing Workshop): For entrepreneurs wishing to improve their marketing skills to match with global market changes.

• FRFM (Fund Raising and Financial Management): Targeted for NGOs and Credit Officers and Managers in need of fund raising.

• CSW (Customer Service Workshop): - targets service oriented businesses managers and staff.

• SPBW (Strategic Business Planning Workshops): this targets to improve entrepreneurs planning capabilities.

• ALBC (Advocacy Lobbying and Building Constituencies):
This targets Civil Society Organizations and Trainers to enhance their capacities.

• TOT (Training of Trainers): This targets training organizations wishing to improve their professional training capacities and promote effective traiing.

• CBMW (Customized Business Management Workshops): – These are tailor made workshops designed to suit specific needs of a client (e.g. Business Awareness, Farming is Business, Cash planning & Budgeting, Marketing, How to establish Market Centres, Collective marketing, Formation of SACCOS, Management of SACCOS, Leadership, crop husbandry, etc).

• CMW (Credit Management Workshops): - targets for credit Officers of Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) and NGOs

Counseling Services to entrepreneurs in different areas of their business operation:

• Production management,
• Marketing management,
• Finance management,
• Sources of business capital.

Other Support Services provided

• Business plan/ project write-up
• Proposal writing
• Group formation, constitution development and facilitating registration
• Project evaluation and monitoring
• Conducting business research.
• Meetings facilitation.